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Our dynamic business team consist of a high level of experts. Our main focus is residential, commercial, farming, mining and industrial. We have a solution for any application from power factor correction to solar application and system automation.

We offer a wide range of services from products to installations and maintenance.


To make energy affordable to our target markets by providing solar and other renewable energy and energy saving solutions. Our focus is on the residential, commercial,industrial, agricultural, mining, educational and public sectors.

We will also provide alternative energy to rural communities.


(Why we do what we do)

 To be known as a reliable service provider in the energy saving and renewable energy industry in Southern Africa.

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Power Africa consists of  a group of engineers and private investors. Our business specialises in power saving and power renewing in SA.

Power Africa is in existence for over 12 years and have 8 successful branches across South Africa. Our engineering department is based in Cape Town.

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